New Jersey has become a mecca of culture and class over the years as we have watched Atlantic City grow and change with the times.  A once cold and curious place has now become a warm and friendly place where you can see anything from colonial style homes built back in 1799 to beautiful Victorian motif houses and larger industrial buildings spanning centuries.  The Atlantic City International airport is now a gateway to the rest of the world and from countries like France, Sweden and Italy, some of the finest designer clothing, men's suits and shoes for women now make an appearance in boutique shops in New Jersey.  Class and culture are now something that you can find all across the beautiful state of New Jersey along with enticing sightseeing tours, horseback riding, water skiing and some of the best kept tennis courts around.  From the fancy dresses to the immaculate suits, you can see men and women from all over the world at some of the best casinos in Atlantic City.  If you are even tired of the casinos you could go to the Seaview Marriott Golf Club and get in a few rounds before dining at the Rams Head Inn.
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